Adopt a Flower Bed
If you are a gardener with itchy fingers, the Center would appreciate your volunteer help. You can adopt a flower bed for the summer (May through September). You would be in charge of making sure that all is going well in your flower bed. You would: remove and dispose of litter and weeds; provide own hand tools for area maintenance; notify Center of problems or concerns; visit the site frequently to ensure good health of plant material (suggested bi-weekly); and install mulch provided by the Center when needed; and plant and move plants approved by the Center liaison. The Center will monitor and adjust water requirements.
Interested? Contact Cornelia at 535-0803.

An Invitation From the Board of Directors
Hello Everyone,
Your Board of Directors is busy planning and implementing new projects and events for 2019 that are designed to keep the Center moving forward. We are a hard-working board that gets things done. However, we need extra hands.
So we are asking for your help in two ways:
1. We need applicants to fill open positions on the Center Board of Directors. The Board meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m. in the Washington Trust Room.
2. We need new members to help on committees for activities and events. Please consider signing up for one of our committees or applying for one of the open Board positions to join this vibrant team.
Drop me a note in my mailbox at the Center or get my contact information directly from Lisa. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Shelagh Camak, Board President