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Rentals/Programs Manager
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Office Assistant, Kitchen Facilitator
AARP Title 5
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Travel Assistant, AARP Title 5
Danny Villapando, supervisor
Jim Meyer
Bill Beyer
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Let’s Get Acquainted

We are pleased to introduce two new additions to the staff. Come meet them when you have a chance.

Jenae DenlingerRentals and Program Manager

I am so honored to be joining the skilled team here at the Southside Community Center. In just a few weeks, I have been impressed by the warmth and dedication of all staff and members who help make this a wonderful place for learning and camaraderie.

This position is definitely requiring more of my previous experience than I had anticipated. My previous experience includes working in non- profits, dance studio management, complex scheduling, planning events, commercial and residential leasing, and operations (to name a few). In my spare time, I enjoy my family, playing games, hiking, snow boarding, traveling, writing, reading, dancing, and cooking.
Thank you all for your fantastic, kindhearted welcome!

Brigitte TimsOffice Assistant

I was born in Memphis and have been to Panama and many other states because my father served 20 years in the U.S. Army, retiring in 1975. He settled in Washington to raise his family and we are happy he did. I am married, have four children, 10 grandchildren and raised five of those grandchildren from 1999 to now. My husband’s demolition contracts brought him to Spokane. I’ve been here a year and made wonderful new friends.

I enjoy learning new things in life and helping people. I am thankful and excited to be at SSCC. It is new, challenging and fun. I feel at home and welcomed by everyone. I’ve owned and managed businesses: restaurants, dance fitness, construction and cleaning. My ultimate goal is to open a Spokane cleaning business. I know people who want to work but are not given the opportunity. Maybe I can make a difference and help someone get back on track, as I have been given help.