July 13 ~ 15

Phillipsburg, MT

Spend two nights at the historic Broadway Hotel where each room is specially themed, cozy and comfortable. Wander around charming Phillipsburg’s compact three block downtown with it’s seven antiques stores, fun old saloons and dozens of stunning old buildings that reflect “P-burg’s” rip-roaring history as one of the West’s great mining centers. Be entertained both nights by plays at the Opera House Theater. 

It will be a great adventure to the Old West!

Group leader/driver: Barbara Haynes $399 dbl/member; $612 s/member; $449 dbl/n-m; $662 s/n-m. Inlcudes: lodging, theater tickets, picnic lunch, transportation and escort.


August 7-10 *** (Register by June 1)

North Cascades Institute

The Learning Center is a hub of discovery for all ages in one of the wildest, most biologically diverse landscapes in North America. From this green-built base camp on the shores of Diablo Lake, you can explore cascading streams and pristine peaks, wildflower meadows and old-growth forests. We’ll travel in a rental van over the North Cascades Highway to the west side of the Cascades where the institute is located. We will be part of the base camp program which includes a daily outing with the naturalist on site. For 3 nights we’ll stay in comfortable single or double dorm-style rooms. Included are three superb farm to table meals a day, served buffet style in the lakeside dining hall. Meals showcase the fresh and flavorful foods of the Skagit River Valley.

Group leader/driver: TBD $779 dbl/member; $989 s/member; $829 dbl/n-m; $1039 s/n-m. Lower rates available for 3 to 4 person rooms. Inlcudes: lodging, 9 meals, transportation (rental van) and escort.


August 20 ~ 21 **

Solar Eclipse

On Monday Aug. 21, 2017, American sky watchers will be treated to a rare and spectacular celestial show — the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades. The path runs from the Columbia River to South Carolina, right over the Tri-Cities. Includes: river view room, welcome meal, breakfast, transportation and stops along the way.

Group leader/driver: TBD $234 dbl/member; $317 s/member; $284 dbl/n-m; $367 s/n-m. Van Leaves at 9 a.m. and returns at about 6 p.m.

For more information on overnight and You Only Live Once (YOLO) trips, contact Travel Manager Marnie McCoy at (509) 535-0803 (ext 108) or at travel@southsidecenter.com