Ballroom Classes Cancelled January 7-11

The ballroom will be repainted during the second week of January. Classes and activities taking place in the ballroom are cancelled from January 7-11. The normal schedule will resume on January 14.


Please Stay Safe On Ice

Falling on the ice can be very, very BAD and we don’t want it to happen to you. The Center puts de-icer on the sidewalks by the building, but the parking lot can still be very slippery. In the parking lot, be sure to wear footwear with traction, walk flat-footed, slowly and perhaps use a walking stick.

By the way, we really appreciate your donations of bags of de-icer to keep us all safe. Thanks!

No Garage Sale Donations Until February

The next garage sale is scheduled for May 31-June 1 and we will need donations — but not right nowYou are wonderful; we value your enthusiasm and support. However, we have no space to store items for several months. We will begin taking donations in February. Thanks for your help!

      Santa Says "Thanks" for Help With Christmas

  • December’s three “Breakfasts with Santa” were a smashing success thanks to many folks who donated time, energy, clothing and decorations to make it happen. Several hundred people attended, ate breakfast and had pictures taken in Santa's sleigh. Seeing the wonder and joy on the faces of the children was priceless and made it all worthwhile. Santa thanks all the Christmas elves:
* John Lackie for donating Santa hats and necklaces
*  Carol Gabel for donating Santa hats & making elf clothing
* Barbara Haynes and Sheila Goulding were Mrs. Claus
* Teal Ladies who set and cleaned tables
* The many elves who served breakfast, helped the photographer, decorated,      greeted attendees and generally contributed holiday cheer
* Judy Cadreau for kitchen organization
* Everyone who donated bears and gifts for the children
* Dan Garcia for the design and construction of Santa’s sleigh which Dan has    lent us for three years
* Mary Van Couvering and John Lackie for planning the event and making it       happen
* Alexander Scott for donating outdoor Christmas lights and putting them up in    sleet with custodian Jim.
   Stem Cell Therapy * Hennessey Funeral Home * Paladin Childress Law Office * Lynn Terry

Center Closed for Chistmas and New Year's
 The Center will be closed the last week of December. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We'll see you again in Jauary 2019.

Wish List
*Clothes steamer for linens
*Liquid creamer
*Coffee including decaf
*Portable storage shed
*Disposable plates and cutlery
*Facial tissue
*20# printer/copier paper

 Thanks for Your Donations
* Diana Hart – coffee / toys
* Margaret Nelson – garlands/ coffee/ toys
 *Melissa Finke – One Touch System
* Linda Zinn – coffee filters /creamer / toys
* Mary Van Couvering – bears and crayons
* Dot Verry – Coffee
* Joanne Baldwin and Diana Ramsdale
- de-icer
* Sally Flume – ornaments for volunteers
* Lynn Terry
- office supplies
* Jim and Kathie Berg – Tea

Welcome New Members

Trent Anderson and Darlene Chovan-Anderson * Tom Arnett * Linda Ferrell * Kathy Goebel * Shirley Huguenin * Jon Louis * Sheryl Mackie * Alyce Millhorn * Shirley Muth * Toni Payne * Jack Pearson and Annie Noland * Kathleen Putnam * Geri Sullivan

Next New Member Orientation
Tuesday, January 15 at 11 a.m. before the luncheon.


Open Wine Bottles Now Available for Sale

At the end of an event, open bottles of wine can be recorked and purchased by you to take home. The cost is:

$9—3⁄4 bottle;
 $6—1⁄2 bottle; and
$3—1⁄4 bottle.
Just ask your server at the end of the event for assistance.

Board Meeting Time Change

The new Board meeting time is the third Wednesday of each month at 4 - 5:30 p.m. All members are welcome at the monthly Board of Director meetings. January 16 is the first meeting of 2019.


New Washington State Regulation
According to the Washington State Gambling Commission, only members can play card games or other games involving betting. Ask at the front desk about how to become a member.

Leave a Legacy …..
Estate gifts left in your will to the Donna Johnson Legacy Fund for Southside Community Center are used to enrich and sustain programs. Please consider this as you update your will. Call Lisa at 535-0803 for more details.

Two Ways to Shop and Help the Center
1. Shop at Amazon Smile Go to, select Southside Senior & Community Center as your organization and shop as you usually do. Amazon then donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the Center.
2. Shop at Fred Meyer Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the Center at When asked to select your organization, enter 91967. Then every time you use your Rewards Card, the Center gets a donation! And you still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates. Rewards Cards are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.

Membership is a Bargain!
If you are a non-member and regularly participate, you will save money by becoming a member. For example, if you’re a mahjong enthusiast and play a minimum of three hours every week, the activity fee alone adds up to over $150 a year. This amount is three times the yearly membership of $50 for one and twice the couple’s membership of $75. What other benefits do you get as a member?
  • The newsletter mailed to your home.
  • Discounts on many Center activities, travel programs, and room rentalss
  • Perks, like early members-only shopping at garage sales.
  • Participate in games and many activities for free.
  • Elect board members and vote on issues at annual meeting.
  • Soon to be announced discounts at local businesses
A limited number of scholarships are available for those needing financial help to afford membership. Please contact Betty at 535-0803.

Membership–sponsored Fund
Sponsor a membership for someone who’d like to join our community here at Southside Community Center but can’t afford the membership. Your donation will allow someone in financial difficulty to enjoy center activities for one year. Contact Betty if you are interested in being a membership sponsor.