Teal Ladies Invite You to Help With
Back-to-School Supply Drive
The annual Teal Ladies Back-to-School supplies collection in now in progress--look for the collection bin in the lobby. Many local stores provide lists of needed supplies. The donated items will be given to local elementary school children.

Welcome to Jake, Our Adopt-a-Cop

Jake Willard, our local Neighborhood Resource Officer, was officially adopted by Southside Community Center in a ceremony at the June luncheon. NRO officers work with neighborhood volunteers, residents. school officials and merchants to address problems that concern them in their neighborhoods. Here's what Jake says about being adopted:
"When it comes down to it, police officers really rely on people and partners to make a change in people's lives. Help from citizens who see something and say something truly helps and impacts their community for good. That is why I am excited to be [adopted] by you all, and to get the chance to work hand-in-hand with you in this effort to build our community together. I look forward to working hard with you all and developing a strong sense of community, now and for the foreseeable future! I'll see you soon -- around the Center and in  the neighborhood."
To talk with Jake about any neighborhood issues and/or concerns, contact him at (509) 625-3310 ot (509) 625-3326.

 It’s Time to Kick Back and Take a Break!
Summertime and the living is easy—a time to slow down, smell the flowers and enjoy the season. We’re doing it! Several regular activities and events are suspended for the summer and will resume in the fall.

* July 16 and August 20 Tuesday Luncheons will be replaced by casual barbecues on the patio.

* Monthly Potlucks— Last Tuesday monthly potlucks resume August 27.

* Line Dancing on vacation for summer.

Thanks to Adopt-a-Flower-Bed
Some awesome green-thumbed folks have been busy weeding, dead-heading, planting, watering and doing whatever needs doing to keep the flower beds at the Center looking fabulous. Thanks to Alyce MIllhorn, Beth Turner, Cheryl Miller, Jenna Simonds, Nola Whitsett, Norm Miller and Phyllis Williams.

Introducing Jan Suhr,
 Rentals/Program Coordinator

Please welcome Jan Suhr, the Center's new Rentals/Program Coordiantor. Jan and her dog, Dino, moved to Spokane from San Diego in October 2018 to be with extended family. She worked as an event coordinator for a 600-room hotel in San Diego, and also acted as the wedding coordinator. She also served as director of catering for a smaller hotel in San Diego.
"I look worward to working with and serving the Southisde Community Center," said Jan. "I look forward to meeting you all."

Garage Sale Update and Thanks
 The garage sale was a financial success, and it brought in more than $13,000. This was made possible by more than 80 hard-working volunteers who shorted, priced, set up tables, cashiered, cooked burgers, baked cookies and helped out on the days of the sale. There are just too many names to list here, and please know that you are so valued! We could not have the garage sale without you.
Special thanks go to Thom West and his intrepid crew who spent many days and hours for months in the cold garage before the sale, where they sorted through donations. Thanks also to Lynn Terry and Mary Van Couvering, planners and coordinators par excellence, who made sure everything ran smoothly. Special thanks to sponsors Washington Trust Bank and Exit Realty.

 Fido Fete Was a Blast!
A love of dogs brought hundreds of people and dogs together June 29 to celebrate all things canine. New Spokane plice K-9 Haywire and his handler, Officer Stone, wowed the crowd. Cart pulling and agility dogs, and a parade of rescue dogs looking for a forever home, were also highlights. Thanks to all who participated,volunteered and contributed.

                                    Wish List
  • 6-foot folding tables
  • Sponsors for luncheons and events
  • Coffee and soda/water
  • Storage Pod
  • # 20 copy paper
  • $$$ for new van

 Thank You For Your Generosity
  • Ann Armstrong and Dot Verry for coffee
  • Ron Rector for puzzles
  • Joanne Baldwin for water
  • Dorene Rugg for popcorn
  • Bernadine Sanders for office supplies and beverages
  • Donna Carl for paper plates and utensils
  • Clayton Klippert and Bernadine Sanders for coffee
  • Barb Lindsey for office supplies
  • Melinda Kresek for $50 food donation to Tuesday lunch
  • Jim Cory for candy
  • Jennifer Kempner for books and two orchids
  • Bill Beyer for Shark vacuum
  • Andy Regan for books

                           Welcome New Members

Katherine Anderson * Steve and Jeannie Barber * Herman and Jeraldine Caviness * Judy Chastain * Ruby Dykes * Terri Crandall * Bob and Jodi Embry Harrison and Joy Fahrner * Kathleen Foltz * Molly Frazier * Sharon Groth * Ron Holm * Garry Michel and Jan Carrington * Victoria Palmer * Elisabeth Johnson * David Powers and Judith Kampf * Daniel Roberg * Brigitte Tims and Robert Schultz * James Simonton * Ken and Pat Torgerson * Scott and Pam Travis * Colleen Warner * Marilyn Warsinske * Betty Weber * Larry and Annemarie Wiser * Stephanie Zurenko

The next New Member Orietation is Tuesday, July 16 at 11 a.m. before the luncheon. Luncheon is hosted for new members.


Open Wine Bottles Now Available for Sale

At the end of an event, open bottles of wine can be recorked and purchased by you to take home. The cost is:

$9—3⁄4 bottle;
$6—1⁄2 bottle; and
$3—1⁄4 bottle.
Just ask your server at the end of the event for assistance.

New Washington State Regulation
According to the Washington State Gambling Commission, only members can play card games or other games involving betting. Ask at the front desk about how to become a member.

Leave a Legacy …..
Estate gifts left in your will to the Donna Johnson Legacy Fund for Southside Community Center are used to enrich and sustain programs. Please consider this as you update your will. Call Lisa at 535-0803 for more details.

Two Ways to Shop and Help the Center
1. Shop at Amazon Smile. Go to, select Southside Senior & Community Center as your organization and shop as you usually do. Amazon then donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the Center.
2. Shop at Fred Meyer.  Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the Center at When asked to select your organization, enter BC373--please note this is a new organization number. Then every time you use your Rewards Card, the Center gets a donation! And you still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates. Rewards Cards are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.

Membership is a Bargain!
If you are a non-member and regularly participate, you will save money by becoming a member. For example, if you’re a mahjong enthusiast and play a minimum of three hours every week, the activity fee alone adds up to over $150 a year. This amount is three times the yearly membership of $50 for one and twice the couple’s membership of $75. What other benefits do you get as a member?
  • The newsletter mailed to your home.
  • Discounts on many Center activities, travel programs, and room rentalss
  • Perks, like early members-only shopping at garage sales.
  • Participate in games and many activities for free.
  • Elect board members and vote on issues at annual meeting.
  • Soon to be announced discounts at local businesses
A limited number of scholarships are available for those needing financial help to afford membership. Please contact Betty at 535-0803.

Membership–sponsored Fund
Sponsor a membership for someone who’d like to join our community here at Southside Community Center but can’t afford the membership. Your donation will allow someone in financial difficulty to enjoy center activities for one year. Contact Betty if you are interested in being a membership sponsor.