Board of Directors Election To Be Mail-In

The pandemic means the 2020 election for Board members, usually held in person at the Center’s Thanksgiving dinner in November, will depend on “mail-in” voting this year.
Nominees for the Board of Directors are:
* Robin Walter – Robin is a Medicare specialist. She has been filling a vacated Board seat since last year. She is currently chairperson of the Estate Sale.
* Jim Battersby – retired former YWCA board member with extensive HR experience and training. He was also on a board that oversaw a gardening program.
Members with emails will receive a ballot via email and members without email will receive their ballot by mail. Completed ballots should be mailed back using USPS or dropped off in a ballot box at the Center. We count on your vote for the Board and encourage everyone to vote in the upcoming national and state election.

Welcome New Members
Jan Courchaine * Dan Harvey * Jim Battersby * Rick Bernard
and new lifetime member Wayne Rall

 Thank You
* When Catherine Ficken’s scheduled October wedding reception had to be cancelled due to our closure, we refunded her $500 deposit. She re-donated it back to the Center.
* Mary, our karate instructor, will use our car park to instruct her kiddo’s but still wants to pay the Center her usual fee even though it is outside.
It is humbling to receive this generosity from the public and our loyal instructors.
* Dan Garcia – Plexiglas screens for front desk
* Barbara Tuttle – Paper
* Ron Hebner – Storage boxes

What’s New at the Center
Although basically closed for regular activities, the Center is still an active place serving the community.
* Meals on Wheels will probably be based here until November as they wait for their renovations to be completed. They use our kitchen to warm up food on Mondays and five of their staff uses our 6-foot tables as temporary desks in the Washington Trust room.
* Skyhawks Academy children and parents are using a couple of our rooms several days a week. They also financially contribute to support the Center.
* The Estate Sale in the ballroom continues on Saturdays through October 17.
* Helpful Plates, on hiatus until the middle of October, is working on their new website and creating menus and deliveries for you. They appreciate your support and loyalty that has helped launch their company in a big way. The meals are phenomenal as is their customer service.
* The karate class meets in the parking lot.
* The Knifty Knitters meet on the patio (distanced of course).
* The library in the lounge welcomes all to select and donate books.

Wish List
  • Swiffer Mop and pads for new flooring
  • Items for Saturday Estate Sale
  • Bottled water
  • Heavy duty jumper cables
  • AAA Membership for the vans
  • Painting / supplies and volunteer labor
  • Funding for PPE equipment
  • Convection oven, easily movable stage
  • Copy paper 20#
  • Sponsors

How to Help During Covid
We’re asked to stay home to slow the virus’ spread, but many of us grapple with how to be there for each other when we can’t be near each other. Here are some ways to support others.
Check on Your Neighbors
Wave and say hi to neighbors, through the window if they walk by or across the street if you are outside at the same time. Go out of your way to say hello and just try to connect... it seems important to make sure we don’t forget how to be humans while also keeping distance. Be especially aware of older neighbors and help with errands, shopping, etc.
Donate Money and Blood
Allocate money you’re saving on transportation and eating out to arts orgs, mutual aid organizing groups, and restaurant gift certificates.
Dine at Home
Order food from local restaurants (even though you have a stocked pantry) to support them. Curbside pickup or contactless delivery protects them and you from potential transmission.
Buy Giftcards Now, Use Later
A number of small local businesses have asked that customers purchase gift certificates now to help them through the hard times.
Take Care of Yorself
As they say, secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others. In other words, self-care is incredibly important now, and ensuring that you’re making safe and smart choices is a civic duty of the utmost importance.
So, for some, doing your part will simply mean taking care of yourself. And that’s okay!

Free Dog/Cat Food Available
The Spokane Human Society has donated dog/cat food to the Center. It is a mixture of Purina dog and cat food that Purina donated to them and they cannot use all of it.
It is bulk and loose, not in bags. If you need dog/cat food bring a container and we will fill it up for you.

Helping the Community
The Center is helping our community partner, Downtown Meals on Wheels, for a couple of months while they renovate their kitchen. They will use our kitchen to warm up food on Mondays and five of their staff will use our 6-foot tables as temporary desks in the Washington Trust Room starting around July 10. Neither Kerry of Helpful Plates or Annie’s ice cream business will be affected.

Thanks to Members For Garden Care
Thank you to new member, Marline Miller, who has joined Phyllis’s gardening crew to help keep the gardens gorgeous. If you are up to it and want to help plant flowers or work on the gardens they would love the help. They take care of the flower beds and plantings around the Center by weeding, dead heading, raking and performing general garden maintenance. They have it looking good! Call the Center for more information about how to join the crew.

Get Healthful, Affordable Meals Delivered to Your Door
Helpful Plates will prepare nutritious meals that meet your dietary needs and deliver them to your home once a week or you can pick them up at the Southside Community Center. Helpful Plates offers two different meals each day with the dessert of the day and a different soup every day.
Meal prices range from $6.95 to $9.50, 16-ounce soups with biscuit and dessert are $5.95, and casseroles purchased by the pan (9”x11”) are $12. During a seven day period the first delivery is free. More than one delivery in a seven-day period will require a $3 delivery charge for each extra trip. Or you can pick up meals on Wednesday between 2 – 4 p.m. at the Southside Community Center.
To order, get information or a menu call Brandy, 509-216-6423 / Kerry, 509-362-6642 / Melinda 509-434-4303 / email If there is no answer, please leave your name and phone number.

Leave a Legacy …..
Estate gifts left in your will to the Donna Johnson Legacy Fund for Southside Community Center are used to enrich and sustain programs. Please consider this as you update your will. Call Lisa at 535-0803 for more details.

Two Ways to Shop and Help the Center
1. Shop at Amazon Smile. Go to, select Southside Senior & Community Center as your organization and shop as you usually do. Amazon then donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the Center.
2. Shop at Fred Meyer.  Link your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the Center at When asked to select your organization, enter BC373--please note this is a new organization number. Then every time you use your Rewards Card, the Center gets a donation! And you still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates. Rewards Cards are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.

Membership is a Bargain!
If you are a non-member and regularly participate, you will save money by becoming a member. For example, if you’re a mahjong enthusiast and play a minimum of three hours every week, the activity fee alone adds up to over $150 a year. This amount is three times the yearly membership of $50 for one and twice the couple’s membership of $75. What other benefits do you get as a member?
  • The newsletter mailed to your home.
  • Discounts on many Center activities, travel programs, and room rentalss
  • Perks, like early members-only shopping at garage sales.
  • Participate in games and many activities for free.
  • Elect board members and vote on issues at annual meeting.
  • Soon to be announced discounts at local businesses
A limited number of scholarships are available for those needing financial help to afford membership. Please contact Betty at 535-0803.

Membership–sponsored Fund
Sponsor a membership for someone who’d like to join our community here at Southside Community Center but can’t afford the membership. Your donation will allow someone in financial difficulty to enjoy center activities for one year. Contact Betty if you are interested in being a membership sponsor.