Build the Future Raffle
Here’s your chance to win a fistful of cash and simultaneously support the ongoing programs, operations, and maintenance of the Center.
Tickets cost $25 each, and your odds of winning are way, way better than the lottery. You could win:
* First -$1000
* Second-$400
* Third-$100
* Fourth & Fifth-$50
* Sixth, Seventh, Eighth & Ninth-$25
Tickets for this fundraiser are available at the Center or from Center board members. All members are encouraged to purchase tickets for themselves or as a gift.
The drawing will be held on December 19 during the Tuesday luncheon. The cash will be handed out during the event, but winners do not need to be present to win.
Please join us in financially supporting Southside into 2018. If you would like to help sell tickets, talk to Gary or Betty. If you have any questions please contact the center at 509-535-0803 for more details.
All proceeds from this raffle will help the Center provide services to members.

BIG THANKS for Lobby Renovation Donations
You may have noticed some gradual changes to make the Center lobby fresh, beautiful and striking. Be assured, they are not finished. The next few weeks will bring more and be completed soon. The final will be awesome. Also note that the cost has been minimal because of the following very generous contributors. Many thanks to:
* Lowe’s South – over $550 of Formica and adhesive for the front of the desk.
* Capaul Stoneworks/Darren Capaul—$1,000 counter granite.
* Exit Real Estate Professionals – Sabrina Jones-Schroeder - $200 contribution to labor on granite.
* Butch Rux – Over eight hours hard work rebuilding and refurbishing the front desk. More hours to come.
Also, huge thanks go to Gregg Jones for planning and coordinating the project.

You Could Win Something BIG
Would you like to win an overnight stay at the Davenport Hotel, dinner at a great Spokane restaurant, and tickets to a local show? If so, the Center has a great opportunity for you to do just that.
For each new member you sign up, refer or sponsor, your name will be entered into a drawing for this great prize. To date, 45 of your friends and neighbors have been entered into the drawing.
The drawing is in October, so with two and a half months to go you have plenty of time to get in. Please contact Betty or Gary to be a part of helping the Center grow and giving a wonderful gift to a new member.

Don’t Get a Ticket!
The area by the front entrance under the archway has been re-striped with bright yellow lines and “No Parking” areas delineated. We are required to enforce this due to complaints and calls from the City. It is a designated fire lane. It is okay to use the area as a loading/unloading area, but vehicles can’t be left there or parked.
The City will issue tickets for violations in the fire lane and especially in the handicap spaces. As a matter of fact, on Tuesday, June 6, someone illegally parked in a handicap zone was issued a ticket for more than $400. Please don’t join that group.
Be sure to check all handicap parking permits to make sure that they haven’t expired.
If you need assistance in walking between the parking lot and Center please let us know. We’re here to help.

Helping Hands Needed!
Like to Travel for Free? Healthy? Social? Good Driver?
Be a Center driver/escort and travel for free! Escorts must act as tour host and also drive. Good driving record and first aid training a must. No CDL required.

Volunteer Kitchen Workers & Luncheon Servers
If you’re interested in helping in the kitchen, call Judy Cadreau – (502) 599-6493 for more details.

Volunteer opportunities abound at the Southside Center. Call Betty at 535-0803 to find just the right spot for you.

 New Travel Policies
The Center is proud to offer a variety of great day and overnight trips each month, but we need your help. These outings don’t make the Center a lot of money, but we need to break even. Because of that we are forced to make some changes. The travel department found that if a trip doesn’t have a minimum number of people signed up and paid, prior to the trip we lose money. Obviously, this is not good. Here are the new guidelines for day and short overnight trips:
* Day trips in the Spokane area must have at least six paid travelers one week prior to the trip’s departure, or it will be canceled.
* Trips outside the Spokane Area must have at least 10 paid travelers one week prior to the trip’s departure, or it will be canceled.
What does this mean for you?
If you plan to go on a trip, please help us in the following ways:
* Sign up early and prepay check, cash, or credit card. (Credit card charges must be $25 or more.)
* Contact the Center if you have any questions on a specific trip.
* Ask your friends and family to join you on a trip.
* Sponsor a trip for another member, gift cards are available.
If a trip is cancelled due to low participation, your money will be refunded.
Thank you for being a member of the Southside Community Center.

Thanks to our generous members
* Ann Armstrong for coffee
* Barbara Tuttle for beverage cups
* Phyllis Williams for candy for the lobby & disinfectant wipes for Wii bowling

Welcome New Members
Brad Blegen * Beth Calkins * June Church * Alan & Jeannette Darnell
Colleen Dennis * Carol Dunne * Kika Finch * Joyce Frederick
Nelda Gregor * Sonia Hedderig Peggy Heidenreich * Drew Kimbrough
Keith & Sandra Kuester * John Lackie * Ernie & Andi McGoran
Dennis & Jeannie Norris * Judy Pearson * Arlette Popiel
Arthur Sauer * James & Peggy Stark
New Member Orientation Tuesday, September 19 at 11 a.m. before the luncheon. Luncheon is hosted for new members.

And, Thanks to Our Supporters
* Regeneration Point Sponsor of the September luncheon
* Elder Law Group Sponsor of the July luncheon

Board of Directors Election Scheduled
November 21 at Annual Meeting
The Annual Membership Meeting on November 21 follows the Tuesday luncheon. The agenda include the election of new the Board of directors members. The nominees are:

Marie Brown—after retiring from the Monterey County (CA) Health Department Behavioral Health Division and the death of her husband, Marie moved to Spokane in 2016 at the urging of a daughter. She loves Spokane and the people here. She says that the Southside Center has provided many new friends and opportunities. She has enthusiasm, energy and very positive attitude. She has enjoyed volunteering at the Center and would like to expand her service on the Board of Directors.

William Beyer—originally from Nebraska. After moving west, he lived in California and Nevada. He has been a corporate pilot for the construction industry and owned two small construction businesses. He moved to Spokane in 2016 and owns a house near the Center. He enjoys volunteering and exploring the Spokane area. He believes the Board of Directors should focus on programs that promote the successful future of the Center through a positive agenda that encompasses the interests of Center members as well as the entire community.

Shelagh Camak —moved from southern California to Spokane in 2015. She retired from Riverside City College (RCC) in 2014 as Vice President of Workforce & Resource Development. Shelagh served on many boards during her tenure with RCC including nonprofit organizations. Currently, Shelagh offers leadership coaching to K-12 leaders and teaches a psychology elective class.

John Lackie—recently moved from Othello to Spokane where he currently is a managing partner of Hennessey Funeral Home. He previously managed funeral homes in Othello and Tri-Cities. He served as past president of Othello Rotary, Othello Chamber of Commerce and Othello Senior Center. He was an advisory board member and outreach instructor for the Othello Community Schools and committee member for the Othello Centennial Committee.