Don’t Get a Ticket!
The area by the front entrance under the archway has been re-striped with bright yellow lines and “No Parking” areas delineated. We are required to enforce this due to complaints and calls from the City. It is a designated fire lane. It is okay to use the area as a loading/unloading area, but vehicles can’t be left there or parked.
The City will issue tickets for violations in the fire lane and especially in the handicap spaces. As a matter of fact, on Tuesday, June 6, someone illegally parked in a handicap zone was issued a ticket for more than $400. Please don’t join that group.
Be sure to check all handicap parking permits to make sure that they haven’t expired.
If you need assistance in walking between the parking lot and Center please let us know. We’re here to help.

Would you like to be a reporter, writer or help format the newsletter in MS Publisher? We need you.
Call Claudia 701-5964.

 New Travel Policies
The Center is proud to offer a variety of great day and overnight trips each month, but we need your help. These outings don’t make the Center a lot of money, but we need to break even. Because of that we are forced to make some changes. The travel department found that if a trip doesn’t have a minimum number of people signed up and paid, prior to the trip we lose money. Obviously, this is not good. Here are the new guidelines for day and short overnight trips:
* Day trips in the Spokane area must have at least six paid travelers one week prior to the trip’s departure, or it will be canceled.
* Trips outside the Spokane Area must have at least 10 paid travelers one week prior to the trip’s departure, or it will be canceled.
What does this mean for you?
If you plan to go on a trip, please help us in the following ways:
* Sign up early and prepay check, cash, or credit card. (Credit card charges must be $25 or more.)
* Contact the Center if you have any questions on a specific trip.
* Ask your friends and family to join you on a trip.
* Sponsor a trip for another member, gift cards are available.
If a trip is cancelled due to low participation, your money will be refunded.
Thank you for being a member of the Southside Community Center.

Thanks to our generous members
* Lani Batters for Civic Theater Tickets
* Florence Haidle, Joanne Baldwin, and Ann Armstrong for coffee
* Lani Woodward for office supplies
* Altari Peterson for a Wii console
* Jim Van Der Meer for metal bench by front door
* DJ Dan for providing outside sound system and music at the Dog Festival
* Briana Bremensolo/KREM TV who was the Dog Festival announcer/emcee
* Our awesome kitchen crew for hot dogs at the Dog Festival
* Leslie Seamon for gathering and arranging the Dog Festival raffle baskets
* Boy Scout volunteers at the Dog Festival who directed parking
* And ALL the volunteers at the Dog Festival!

Welcome New Members
Betty Davis * Robert & Marilyn Laugen * Edward & Sandra Lahane
Georgia Miller * Jerry & Shannon Miller * Kathi Patton * Stephanie Standen
New Member Orientation Tuesday, September 19 at 11 am before the luncheon. Luncheon is hosted for new members.

And, Thanks to Our Supporters
Merrill Gardens at the Academy— Sponsor of the May Fiesta Luncheon
Carlton Oakes for guitar music at the May Luncheon
Carol Gabel for creative, fun centerpieces at the May luncheon

Recently the management and staff rewrote and clarified the travel policies that have been in use at the Center. The updated policies clarify what happens when a trip is cancelled and what happens when a refund is forthcoming. Payment from a cancelled trip will no longer be able to be used on a future trip.The full policy is available here. For more info call Marnie 509-535-0803.