Welcome to Your Center!

At Southside, we offer classes, activities, travel opportunities and special events for all ages – and it's always a lot of fun. Anyone can take part, but if you become a member, you'll enjoy a number of special discounts. And if you're looking for a quality space to hold a special event, look no further!

The first annual Southside Artisan Market is August 13-14. It will be held in the air-conditioned comfort of our Center ballroom.
Get ready to shop for some creative, handmade art and handiwork items

Scrabble is back!
You can join the fun on the
second and fourth Monday of each month
from 1-3 p.m.

Every Sunday at the Center...
      ... it's BINGO from 1-3 p.m.


Join us for our annual
July 26-28
      Hint #1:
      You’ll need an Enhanced Driver's                 License or passport!
      Hint #2: