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Ways to Give to the Southside Senior and Community Center

Support the Center -- Individual donations to the Center support our mission of providing recreational, educational and volunteers opportunities to our community. These gifts make a direct impact on our members and the many users of the Center.
Endowment Fund -- Your gift goes into the Center's Endowment Fund. For now, the annual interest/dividends are returned to the fund to allow it to build. Eventually, when the fund generates a large annual return, some or all will go to support the Center's annual budget.
 Estate Planning -- We can provide information to help you leave a bequest to the Center in your will. Or, perhaps you have more detailed estate planning needs; we can help with that, too.
Sponsorships and Partnerships -- We are grateful to the many businesses, organizations, foundations and individuals who sponsor our events and programs. We also work with these groups to develop partnerships that benefit the Center and the community. We have special recognition programs for those who help us in this way. 
Memorials -- You can honor the memory of a family member, a friend or a member of the Center by making a memorial gift to the Center in that person's name.
Van Replacement Fund -- Our passenger van is a critical resource to the Center.  We are able to take groups on day and overnight trips throughout the Northwest. We have created a fund to help us prepare for the day when we need to buy a new van.
For more information on any of these programs, contact:
Lisa Rosier, Executive Director
(509) 535-0803

    The Donna J. Johnson

     Endowment Fund Is a Reality

Donna Johnson left $10,000 to start an endowment fund for the Spokane Community Center. The purpose of an endowment fund is to provide financial security for the organization. It gives donors a way to perpetuate the Center’s programs and activities. Donna’s gift, along with $4,289 in the Center’s Sunset Heritage Society (given earlier by donors to start an endowment fund), are now being managed by Innovia Foundation.
You are invited to support the Center’s future by donating to the Endowment Fund. There are many ways for you to give and grow the fund for the financial security of the Center.

Checks: Payable to Innovia with The Donna J. Johnson Fund noted in the                memo line.
2. Gifts of Securities: Innovia supplies the Securities Transfer Form.

3. Insurance policies, retirement funds, real estate gifts, or other planned     gifts: Arranged by calling Innovia’s Director of Gift Planning.

For those not familiar with endowments and how they work, think of an endowment as an investment account in which the principal can never be touched. The earnings of the account are used to fund operations of the center. In the case of this fund, even the earnings cannot be distributed for five years.

An endowment gift gives donors the option to perpetuate their annual gifts. For example, the $100-year donor might make a $2,000 endowment gift in order to continue annual gifts of $100 to the organization in the future. Income in this example is based on 5% earnings, which is not unusual over time. The gift can also be restricted for a specific program or activity.

Questions: Call the Center at 535-0803 and leave a message for Megaen Childress.