Board of Directors

Ron Rector, president

Mary Van Couvering, vice president, strategic planning chair

Diana Hart, secretary

Megaen Childress, treasurer

Claudia Craven, communication and marketing committee chair

Rodger Regele, finance committee chair

Dan Garcia, development committee chair

Barbara Haynes, membership committee chair
Gregg Jones, building and property committee chair
Shelagh Camak
John Lackie
Jackson Williams
Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m. at the Center. Members and the public are welcome to attend board meetings.

Board of Directors Election Scheduled
November 21 at Annual Meeting
The Annual Membership Meeting on November 21 follows the Tuesday luncheon. The agenda include the election of new the Board of directors members. The nominees are:

Marie Brown—after retiring from the Monterey County (CA) Health Department Behavioral Health Division and the death of her husband, Marie moved to Spokane in 2016 at the urging of a daughter. She loves Spokane and the people here. She says that the Southside Center has provided many new friends and opportunities. She has enthusiasm, energy and very positive attitude. She has enjoyed volunteering at the Center and would like to expand her service on the Board of Directors.

William Beyer—originally from Nebraska. After moving west, he lived in California and Nevada. He has been a corporate pilot for the construction industry and owned two small construction businesses. He moved to Spokane in 2016 and owns a house near the Center. He enjoys volunteering and exploring the Spokane area. He believes the Board of Directors should focus on programs that promote the successful future of the Center through a positive agenda that encompasses the interests of Center members as well as the entire community.

Shelagh Camak —moved from southern California to Spokane in 2015. She retired from Riverside City College (RCC) in 2014 as Vice President of Workforce & Resource Development. Shelagh served on many boards during her tenure with RCC including nonprofit organizations. Currently, Shelagh offers leadership coaching to K-12 leaders and teaches a psychology elective class.

John Lackie—recently moved from Othello to Spokane where he currently is a managing partner of Hennessey Funeral Home. He previously managed funeral homes in Othello and Tri-Cities. He served as past president of Othello Rotary, Othello Chamber of Commerce and Othello Senior Center. He was an advisory board member and outreach instructor for the Othello Community Schools and committee member for the Othello Centennial Committee.